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Welcome to Ashrealms!

This is a City of Heroes private server running v2:i1 Ouroboros with 50 Paragon Reward Tokens, full Veteran status, and 1.5x XP rate for all new accounts. Family Friendly US East with dedicated hardware that will be increased as needed.

Server started on 2019-07-18 18:01:41, running for 17 hours 20 minutes

There are 22 registered accounts holding 26 characters.

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How To Play

If you do not already have CreamSoda Launcher:

  1. Get the customized Launcher from here.
  2. Install it and let it download the client files.
  3. The download may stick just restart the Launcher and it'll resume.
  4. When the download is finished, there will be a Play button you can click.

If you already have CreamSoda Launcher installed:

  1. Add our manifest in Options: https://ashrealms.com/manifest.xml
  2. If Ashrealms is not in the server list, restart the Launcher
  3. If the launcher asks you to (re)install, point it back at your Launcher directory
  4. Select Ashrealms
  5. Click Play
Discord and Support

Join the dev community on Discord.

For server-related issues: Email me.